18 May 2010

Laptop Hell

I take a month off my low-paying job to go to Mexico to write; possibly not the most financially sound move, but necessary for the soul. So when my laptop conked out on me day 4, I was a bit more than slightly upset. I am well aware that we have all become so dependent on the internet and cell phones and all this other technology that it might be a good idea to disconnect from it all now and then. But not when it screws up all my plans for writing.

My plan was to do what I always do; explore during the day and write about it at night. I had also planned on getting back to that book that has been stuck on page 92 for months. I tried to fill the days as I waited for a recovery disc from the US, but it just didn’t work. I’d go out walking for several hours, come home, start to read a book, fall asleep, then go out for another walk. I was bored to tears.

I did make some small journeys and wrote down what I could on paper. But without being able to see my pictures to guide me through my day, it was tough going. (ie, I couldn’t download the pics onto anything.)

I contemplated blogging at an internet café, but there just isn’t enough privacy and I couldn’t see spending 3 or 4 hours a day under glaring lights and trying to block out the sounds of video games.

Just when I thought all was lost and I might as well leave PV, I found out about The Computer Store, a place run by Tom and Ron. Yesterday, Monday, I dropped the laptop off and the guys figured they might be able to work some magic and get me up and running for a reasonable price. Tom called me later that evening to give me the bad news that my hard drive was a goner. They could do something, but the price wasn’t worth it considering I’d probably need to buy a new one in two weeks. Needless to say, I was even more seriously down in the dumps.

But I woke up today with a plan. I would go out and pick up the dead laptop and see if maybe they had one to rent. I don’t think Ron quite understood why I would spend the money to rent a laptop for 14 days. I was literally jumping up and down with happiness as I left the shop.

So now I will have to back track through the past eleven or twelve days, pull out those stories I did in long hand, and hopefully come up with some interesting tales.

(That's Leo the Cat. I've been looking rather like him for the past week.)