04 May 2010

Back in Puerto Vallarta

I’ve been in Puerto Vallarta for a little over a day now and am just starting to get in that mellow- tropical frame of mind. I should be fully there by tomorrow.

I’m back in my giant apt/room at the hotel but this time there aren’t a bunch of other folks in all the adjoining rooms. PV at this time of year doesn’t have all the winter retirees flying down from Canada and the US to avoid the snow and ice. It’s not like anyone was having mad parties when I was here in December, but it is nice feeling like I am the only one on the top floor apartments. I was excited to once again see all the lovely ladies who took care of me and the hotel on my last visit. I soon realized, however, that my Spanish was getting stuck in my mouth, where as it was flowing out when I left five months ago. That too should be in full swing in a few days.

Please understand that when I speak of speaking Spanish that does not mean I will ever be as good as I am in Portuguese, which is still a far cry from my ability in English, in which I am rather proficient. But as always, the people here don’t seem to mind if my words come out in some other language, (I may have said something in Vietnamese today), or with lousy pronunciation, (as mentioned above my mouth muscles need to re-adjust); they are just pleased that I am trying. Or at least that is my impression. Possibly they are telling their friends stories about the looney gringa who speaks in tongues.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised to hear that even after about a month of planning what to bring, and about a week on barely controlled packing-insanity, I again didn’t quite bring all the clothes I need. For some reason I thought Mexico in May equals hot-hot. The days are fine for what I brought, but the nights are still a little cool and I should have packed at least one long-sleeved t-shirt for the evenings when I sit at the computer typing. I also forgot my Swiss Army knife, and can’t find that mega bottle of ibuprofen I know I packed. (I can buy it here but the cost is much higher.)

What I did remember to do was to book an appointment with my chiropractor today. Dr Lenny Sugerman is the man. I was pleased to hear his reassurance that I do not need a knee replacement as the Kaiser docs had told me, (not that I have any intention of ever doing that.) And it was heaven to get all those vertebrae back into place and moving freely. And again, creaky joints are just another little annoyance that should be righting itself, if not in the next 24 hours, at least in a week or two.

On the taxi ride in from the airport, I asked the driver what type of celebrations the city would be having for 5 de Mayo, which is tomorrow. Imagine my shock when he said that the only festivities would be in Mexico City. Huh? Can it really be that the State of California celebrates 5 de Mayo in a bigger way than the Mexicans? I’m rather bummed. Then again, I can do without the monster firecrackers that were booming most of last night. They don’t make them that big in the US. These sounded like grenades. I haven’t heard any tonight so maybe it was for some other event. Or maybe they were blasting open a new mine in the hills behind where I am staying.

There is only one disappointment that has occurred and that has to do with the sunrise. I knew that when I was here in December it would not be light early in the morning, but thought for sure that would not be the case now. I am 100% positive that I have been in places in Mexico where there is daylight at 5:30 am. Not here. It was pitch black at 7am. Sure, it is now 8:40 pm and its just getting on to dusk, but that isn’t important to me; sunrise at 5am is. In my opinion, if PV were on the proper time zone, which would be an hour behind of what we are now, the problem would be resolved. As it stands, PV is two hours ahead of California which just doesn’t make sense. It’s not like I was seriously contemplating buying a shack down here, but the lack of morning sun means that it will never be an option.

Tomorrow I will again get up early and go for a walk on the beach, but I will have to wait until close to 8:00 rather than 6:30 or 7:00. And I intend to search the city for a 5 de Mayo fiesta.