17 December 2009

Bird Symphony

It is my last morning in Vallarta and so at 7am I went out for my final walk to the beach. Usually I walk down or up the beach but today I just sat on a bench and watched the birds and the sun come up.

The pelicans, gliding a few inches above the water, are still my favorite sight. Along with them were other, smaller birds dive-bombing for breakfast. A grackle perched on a sign post right in front of me, calling out to his buddies with numerous different songs. Before each melody he would puff himself up and cock his head at a different angle to get a different sound. Pigeons and others flew over my head calling out to each other and alighting in the palms trees.

At this time in the morning, it almost felt like I was on a deserted beach. Soon, though, the morning joggers and walkers with dogs began to fill the area around me.

I got up and took a final stroll through the streets that surround where I have lived for the past month. It is a small area, yet I found some streets that I had never been on before. I found myself looking for places I might want to stay the next time I am here.