13 December 2009

12 December

The final, and most important night of the 12 day festival for Guadalupe, was Saturday night. And this time I finally got it right and was out on the streets when the rest of the city all seemed to be there. Granted, I came back home at 8pm and the revelers stayed until at least 2am, but I definitely was in the midst of it all.

This time the streets were jammed with families and groups of friends walking or seated on the curb of Calle Juarez. I especially adored all the kids who were dressed in traditional Mexican clothing. (think: Frida Kahlo). I didn’t have the proper shirt, but at least I had the white pants.

When asking about the nights festivities, I’d learned that a torch was being run from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta and would arrive on the parade route at 7:30pm. I wanted to make sure I was there to witness it. The runners were preceded by several police cars and motorcycles, sirens blaring. When they passed by where I was standing, one guy handed the torch off to another. They were followed by a large group of joggers aged kid-adult, all decked out in green and white. We all applauded as they cruised by.

I sort of got a picture of a Guadalupe on a flat bed truck, but I realized I had missed all the best photo opts the first night I had been out.

The food stalls were doing a brisk business and I was in the mood for a roasted ear of corn, but could only find cups of corn. I got one and declined the mayo and hot sauce topping, asking only for a lime to be squeezed over it. It was tasty and close in flavor to a roasted ear.

I walked a block down from the processional street to the malecon which was also packed. I stopped at the edge to watch the huge waves crashing with such force that the water reached all the way up the seawall and onto the pedestrian walkway. (I took pictures, but my camera is just not good enough with the nighttime stuff so I can’t share them with you). It was fantastic!

Again this morning I went down there and the waves were up to their same display. I could have sat there for hours, so entranced was I by the sight and the sounds of the forces of nature. I so love this shoreline in the early morning when few people are out and it seems it is just me and the birds. I try not to count the days until I will have to leave it, but have not at all been successful in doing so.