20 March 2006

Vernal Equinox

Today is the vernal equinox. I believe one is supposed to dance naked in the moonlight. Or possibly that is for the summer solstice. I may try it anyway and see if it leads to enlightenment. I might just be happy with not being a day behind, as I have for the past week or so.

I never forget St. Patrick’s Day, but did so last week for the first time in my life. It wasn’t until a colleague wished me shamrock greetings that I realized it was the 17th of March. In previous years, I have always brought in Irish music to class and done a mini, St. Patrick’s Day lesson. And since it fell on a Friday, by Monday it was just too far past the date to bother.

Not to worry, I had my Vernal Equinox lesson all set up. I decided not to print it out on Sunday night since I didn’t need it until Tuesday, the 20th of March. In class this morning, I casually asked what the date was. The 20th. This was getting too weird. Why was I a day off on everything? I decided to check with the astrology sages.

Just as I’d thought: not only is Mercury in retrograde from 2 – 25 March, it is doing so in my astrological house. Major bummer. Fortunately, we all have the total solar eclipse on 29 March to look forward to, with the promise of an exciting end-of-month for me. Let’s hope so.

Off to howl at the moon.