08 March 2006

Sisters Unite

International Women’s Day, 8 March. I should have joined in some sort of antiwar protest, or women’s rights march, but there aren’t any that I know of here. CODEPINK - Women Say No To War, had events all around the world, except here. I was ready and willing to march on down to the US Consulate and turn in a petition protesting the war. But I would have been alone. Maybe I should have done it anyway. I guess I will just have to send another email to the Whitehouse voicing my thoughts.

There didn’t seem to be any organized programs of a political bent here in HCMC. There was, however, lots of cards and flowers to be bought. I first noticed this over the weekend when I found a coupon in my mailbox offering a free treatment at a new hair salon in the neighborhood. The accompanying card said Congratulations on Women’s Day!

Yesterday at work, two of my students gave me a beautiful Happy Women’s Day card. One of the guards asked what I was going to do for Women’s Day. It seemed that it was to be celebrated like Mother’s Day or Valentines Day, which upset me. Last night I got on the internet and searched around for some pertinent reading material. I found it on the UNESCO student activities site. I dutifully printed it out, and used it for my morning class.

I was very pleased to find out that at least half of my class did know about the history of Women’s Day and what it represented. Those that didn’t, learned. After that, I didn’t mind the bouquets of flowers in staff offices, or the roses that were passed out. It was all a bit hokey, but as long as the real message was somewhere among all the gifts and orchids, I could live with it.

I’m off to write that email to Mr. Bush. Join me, won’t you?


[I went back to the river by my house and got better shots]