23 October 2005

World Series

World Series

Can you believe it? I can get the World Series LIVE in Vietnam! I didn’t quite believe it when ESPN Asia announced that it would carry the games. The play- offs were broadcast a day or two late, and I don’t think they showed the entirety of any one game. But this morning, Sunday, at 7AM, I turned on the TV and there it was. I did check on the internet to make sure it actually was a live game. I’m looking forward to watching a few innings before taking off for work.

And yes, I will again be gainfully employed starting tomorrow morning. I am as ready as one can be, and hope things go smoothly. The good part about the new job is that I only teach one level, instead of the usual five to seven levels I have done in past teaching establishments. The semi-tricky part is that I teach one group of students two days a week, and another group, three days a week, and I share the classes with two separate teachers. Yes, I am confused. Coordination will be a bit of a challenge, but it should smooth out in a few weeks, and then the term will be over.

Time to go over my lesson plans one more time.