07 October 2005

CNN Asia

I’d almost forgotten how different and enjoyable CNN Asia is after being subjected to CNN in the US for far too long.

CNN in Asia is broadcast out of Hong Kong. It oozes with European culture and flair, but it is not at all high-brow. Everyone dresses with style and sophistication. You want to know where the woman bought their clothes, and even if they do wear the requisite heavy make-up, at least they don’t look like hookers.

The anchors come from the UK, Australia, Asia, the US, and Europe. Their intelligence and grasp of the issues at hand is obvious; no giggly girls and boys. They don’t yell at you, they don’t talk down to you, they don’t project false emotions; they are the type of people you would invite into your home.

And yes, they are all pretty, have great wardrobes, unnaturally white flawless teeth, and impeccable hair, but that’s the business. If I ever get tired of the perfection, I can just switch to BBC where the clothes and hairstyles are horrendous, not to mention their dead boring delivery. However, to be fair to BBC, everything other than their news coverage is top of the line, and I watch it all the time.

CNN Hong Kong’s format is warm and cozy, unlike in the US, where every time I turn it on, I want to turn it off. One doesn’t mind walking around in one’s knickers in front of HK anchors. You get the feeling that they also don’t mind. I’d never even consider that in the US.

What’s more, they have really good weekly shows that, for some reason, don’t make it into the West. ‘Talk Asia’, with Lorraine Hahn should be broadcast in the US. Not only is she a superb host, who asks all the right questions in a caring and thoughtful manner, she has really interesting folks on her show. And I think the audience in the West needs to hear from the people in the East.

So I really need to ask the CNN people why they think Americans deserve trashy, sleazy, news coverage and shows, when the rest of the world gets such a better deal.

And in case you haven’t heard, that zany show, (CNN’s words), “The Daily Show” is broadcast on CNN twice a week!

May your news be good news.