30 August 2005

Where's The Party?

I’ve been here almost a month now, and although I am thoroughly enjoying it, it is now time to find some sort of a social life. Do I have a clue as to how to do this? No. There are a few night spots I would like to check out, but the problem is three-fold:

1. I am just not yet sure of the safety of going out alone at night.

2. I live down an alley and would have to walk there from the taxi.

3. Getting into the front gate of the house requires wrist and forearm acrobatics. First you have to reach through an eight-inch square, metal opening, then stretch over to the right for the paddle lock, maneuver it, blindly search for the key hole, then turn the key while pushing up on the lock. And this is all at above shoulder height, while standing on a steep slope. I have permanently bruised arms. There definitely would be no quick escape into the house, were it necessary.

Still, I am hopeful that if I sit in enough street side cafés, I might just bump into some interesting folks. The problem has been finding those street side cafés. It seems everything is indoors. There are tons of little outdoor, plastic stool, kiosk diners, filled with men on their breaks from surrounding construction and such. I don’t think I would fit in. And this is probably the only really negative aspect of picking up and doing it by yourself. Time to get out the tarot cards and see what the future holds.

Luck be a…..