05 August 2005

Airport departure

I’m at the airport and thought I could log on, but I’d have to subscribe to the provider. I think I have spent enough money in the past few weeks and can wait until later to post this.

Totally freaked out, I was, before leaving the house for the airport. I have too much baggage; 3, 70 lb trunks, a 57 lb suitcase, 26 lb carry-on, and laptop. The biggest down side of traveling alone is trying to keep track of it all. I mean, who watches your bags while go take a pee? Not to worry, my friend dropped me off at the curb, a lovely gentleman snatched up all my bags and easily loaded them onto a cart. He wouldn’t even let me help. He took all that poundage straight to the airline counter, waited until it was my turn, and put all my junk on the scales. Completely effortless and carefree on my part.

Now it is a 2 hour wait but I feel in a rather Zen like state. I think I might actually be able to sleep on a plane this time. The check-in counter woman told me it was a fairly empty flight, so I am hoping my strategy of a back aisle, middle-section seat will pay off.

Thanks to everyone who got me packed and off. Maybe I could have done it alone, but I would not have wanted to.

Off to pee-