16 July 2005

Visa Hang-Ups

"I need your justice record from the city Hall nearest you because Vietnam government wants to have a copy of your biography record. Since you will work in Vietnam and earn an income, thus they need to have a look at your historical record I think."

I think I should be off to Vietnam in about 2 weeks. Then again, every time I think all is in order, I receive another slightly confusing, not-so-straight-forward email from my prospective employer. Last week I got part of my visa papers in the mail. I called the Vietnamese consulate to find out what else I needed to do. I was asked for the fax number listed on the form. "But it's in Vietnamese", I said. Then I took another look at the paper. Fortunately, 'fax' is 'fax' in Vietnamese, I was able to find the number and relay the information, and It seems I have been approved.

Meanwhile, I will try to concentrate on sorting and packing. In all my years of moving around, I still don't know how to pack or how to decide what really is essential. I know I won't get it all into the 2 bags I'm allowed. I know I'll take things that I will never use. I know I will forget to take something that I need and can't get in Vietnam.

So I am in a holding pattern until the next email, or phone call, or letter arrives that will hopefully contain info about my date of departure. Time to return to the packing.