25 July 2005


"Your ticket for August 2nd will be mailed to you tomorrow, but it might be changed to a different airlines because of turbulence".
Turbulence? But my flight is more than a week away.
"There are some storms over the South China Sea. But don't worry, you can go on another airline".
So I'll be going with another carrier?
"We don't know yet. The flight was cancelled, but we have the back-up. You'll get the ticket on Wednesday".

At least I have the visa. Everything else is kind of crazy. My living room is sorted into piles of "take"/"ship later"/"who knows?" The "take" pile is getting awfully big even taking into account my two extra bags. And just maybe I won't even be flying out on the 2nd. Hopefully, it won't be any sooner.

After the ticket situation conversation, I moved on to questions about the course books the school uses.

"For the younger children -"
Wait, I said, I thought I was to teach in the college.
"Oh, you will. But you will also teach in the public schools."
OK. What books do you have.
"There are some photo-copies and we will get a new book with a teachers manual so all you have to do is walk in and teach".
Fine. And what are the hours?
"7:30 -9:30, 2:00-4:00, and 7pm-9pm".
I teach from 7 in the morning until 9 at night?
"No, no. You'll teach in the morning and then later teach in the evening".

Our conversation lasted about 15 minutes, and I still don't know when I will be leaving, what age group I will be teaching, what hours I will be working. That's OK. It just makes it an even bigger adventure.

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