27 November 2009

27 November

The morning started with breakfast at an upscale hotel on the beach. They have this huge open-air restaurant situated right in front of the beach. I’ve had a craving for heuvos rancheros since arriving so that was what I ordered.

I was very clear that I wanted the eggs well done; thoughts of bird flu and salmonella are always in the back of my mind. The eggs arrived runny and with an order of toast. I’m not one to send things back so threw caution to the wind, although I did ask for tortillas instead of bread. They were not all that spectacular, but they did have the proper essence of what they should taste like and that was enough to satisfy me. No comment on the coffee.

I overate so headed straight down to the beach for a walk. It’s interesting that the only place you can really walk or lie on the beach is down towards the end where I am staying. Further into town, on the malecon/boardwalk, no one is sunbathing. I don’t know if it is actually prohibited or it is just that there is no easy access from the malecon.

As I walked along the beach I was treated to what has become my favorite sight here; pelicans swooping down to glide across the water’s edge in search of a snack, then winging back up into the air. No matter how many times I see it, I find it utterly beautiful and amazing. I hope the video I took of it will upload. Otherwise, I will post a still.

After my beach walk, I got a haircut. I had passed a couple salons that had looked decent enough. One was closed and the other just opening. Fidel, the owner, said he had time to do my hair and so into the chair I went. It’s a decent cut and was at a decent price. After the past three months of cutting it myself, I guess I should really say it is a great cut.

The weather seems to have cooled down a lot in the past few days. Today, like yesterday was overcast and pleasant. There weren’t any clear blue skies all day but at around 3pm it seemed that the humidly increased by 300%. I was pretty sweaty when I got home and opened all the windows and threw on the fan. Regrettably, that meant that whatever it is that they burn in the early evening permeated my room. I just tough it out because it is usually over in a few hours.