20 November 2005

The Weekend + Good Weather

I have no real idea why this seems to be the best weekend since arriving, but it does. Maybe it is because of the weather, or the fact that on Saturday there was almost no construction going on overhead, leading me to believe that they might almost be finished upstairs. Or maybe it is because next week I only have to teach classes for three days. (but still be at work for other things.)

It’s Saturday afternoon, still warm and sunny, and I see no threat of rain in the near future. I keep being told that the dry season begins in November. It is almost the end of November and it continues to rain everyday. My landlords had told me that this was a great flat, in part because of the breeze it gets. This morning, for the first time, a lovely gentle wind blew through my house for several hours. In fact, I was actually cold for awhile! (don’t worry, I was still able to survive in my shorts and t-shirt.)

Around noon, I went for a walk and tried to get some interesting photos, which is a challenge in newly built suburbs. I attempted to get some urban floral and fauna. I ignored the odd looks as I bent down on the sidewalk along the main street to capture the bug. Please note that he turned his head to look at me before flying off into the atmosphere.

I hope it was a good weekend for the other parts of the world.